Thursday, 21 July 2011

Home-made jewelry!

                                          Key Ring:
01.We take our key ring. Mine it already has the chain on.

                                            02.We open the first link with the clamp and we take it off, so the chain is not that long.
  03.We open the second link.
  04.We put the chain on the key ring and we close the second link.
                                           Our chain will be shorter.
 05.We take this stick that looks like a needle
 It has a big circle at the end.
 06.We take a stone and we make the stick goes through the little circles of it.
07.We have to cut the stick with the sharped edge of the clamp.
 We cut it
 08.We make a curl attaching the stick with the key chain.
If the stone gets off the stick make a curl at the end of the stick.                                             
 If you did one stone with the curl at the end, you can add another stones at the end of it.
                                           And we finished our key ring!
                                           For our earrings we need this. We do the same thing we did on the key ring!


  1. wow! amazing... thanks for the tutorial...

  2. these are really nicely made!!!