Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Another Welcoming Post + Style of the day!

 Some stuff I forgot to tell you on the post before. This is my keyboard and stuff I've got to write posts that will appear here! So, at the beginning this blog had another name which was The Pink House, but it was already taken! So, I thought of The Pink Shoe, but it was also taken. Then I thought of The Pink Lipstick but it was also taken! I thought that the Pink Lipstick was a great name, so I had to think of something similar, so I thought of The Pink Lipgloss and here we are!  So, why PINK? In my opinion, the color PINK represents Fashion and so yeah, that's why ;)

 So, here's  the  style of the day:

 Bright ORANGE SHORTS from ZARA and a basic white T-Shirt   from  Yasmine (C&A)

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